Highlights of the Ward One Democrats Executive Committee Meeting – April 10, 2014

The Executive Committee of the Ward One Democrats met on Thursday, April 10, to handle regular business matters and to plan the May 17, 2014 Convention.  Highlights of the meeting are pasted below:

Highlights of the Ward One Democrats Executive Committee Meeting – April 10, 2014

Members Present: Bill O’Field, Brianne Nadeau, John Zottolli, Lillian Perdomo, Windy Carson-Smith, Lynn French, Tania Jackson, Lenwood Johnson, Stanley Mayes, and Anita Bellamy Shelton.

  • In accordance with the Ward One Democrats Bylaws, the Annual Convention will be held on Saturday, May 17, 2014 beginning at 10:00 a.m. on the first floor (rear lobby) of the Reeves Municipal Center at 2000 – 14th Street, NW
  • Election of officers will be conducted by the DC Democratic State Committee’s (DCDSC) Party and Organization Functions Committee (POFC).
  • Brianne requested early voting for Sabbath observant Jews and Christian Seventh Day Adventists.  Following discussion it was determined that early voting will take place on Wednesday, May 14, with logistics being handled by Tania in coordination with the DCDSC’s POFC.
  • The theme of the convention will be Finding a Common Ground as Democrats in Ward One.
  • Featured Speaker(s) to be considered: Renee Poussaint and others.
  • Greetings from the DCDSC: Councilmember and DCDSC Chairman Anita Bonds
  • Brianne introduced an amendment in writing to change the annual convention of the WOD from the third Saturday in May to the third Wednesday in May with the third Thursday to be used as an alternate date in case of some celebration or other conflict at the call of the WOD and at a time and place to be designated by the Committee.  Following discussion, Anita S. moved that the amendment be presented for discussion at the May 17, 2014 convention and if accepted to be voted on at a ward-wide meeting 30 days following the convention.  The motion was seconded by Windy and was adopted by voice vote with Stanley abstaining.
  • It was the consensus of those present that the proposed amendment should be included in the announcement about the convention with a link to the WOD bylaws on the WOD Web site.
Respectfully submitted by,
Bill O’Field, Chairman
Ward One Democrats

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